Chomsky & Cie

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Directors : Olivier Azam and Daniel Mermet - Cast : Noam Chomsky, Normand Baillargeon, Jean Bricmont - Genres : Documentary, History - Language : English - French - Runtime : 110 min

At a time when the world seems resigned to helpless submission, the work of Noam Chomsky is a radical antidote for all those who aspire to the downfall of the manufacture of despair powered by the watchdogs of the intelligentsia and the media.
Untiring and unclassifiable, Chomsky, “the world’s most popular and widely quoted intellectual”, unyieldingly pursues his quest to expose the mechanisms of domination with an astonishing vitality that puts fresh perspective on historical dogma and stereotyped patterns of thought, where most intellectuals just want us to adopt their viewpoint.

Quite to the contrary, Chomsky urges us to develop our own critical awareness of the various forms of authority and the principles that uphold them. He shows that social change is something we ourselves can actually make happen.
And he stands not alone. From Boston to Brussels, we will be meeting research scientists, journalists and activists. Jean Bricmont, for one, and Normand Baillargeon, author of the “Short lesson in intellectual Self Defense”, which could have provided a complementary heading to this documentary in its engagement against cynical conformism and feebleminded rebellion. But above all, this film is about climbing mountains and… the ascension of the Pic du Canigou.

Festivals : Brasilia International Film Festival - Brazil (November 2009) / 5th traverse film festival (July 2009, USA) / Festival du film francophone Bratislava - FIFFBA -Slovaquie (2009) / Vancouver International Film Festival - Canada (Octobre 2008) / Leeds International Film Festival - Grande Bretagne - (Novembre 2008)